Why is the first impression most important for the popularity of the video game

Whether we like it or not, we all rate events according to first impressions.

In the first ten minutes of each game, we get to know more than we can notice at first instance. First of all, there is the logo of the producer, but also the introductory video and music, which brings us into the story. We are introduced to the beginning of the gaming, and one of the key parts of video games-user interface. No matter how good the graphics, the music, the story in the game is, none of the parts that define the game’s aesthetics can replace or improve a poorly designed user interface. A non-intuitive and complicated interface, greatly reduces the fun of playing and in extreme cases can be a “deal-breaker” for your playing.

One of the mistakes I remember is in the desire of the designers to make a more realistic game and who deliberately left the map. While there may be a dose of adventure to explore different paths and to climb to the top of a video game mountain, finding space in non-shooter games should be minimal. In addition to the user interface, for the first time we also see the aesthetics of the game (graphics, sound, etc.).

From the side of the story, in the first ten minutes it is important whether the player manages to identify with the main character. Usually, here is the part of the story that marks the moment of no return, the first entry into the catacombs of Diablo, or Saren’s betrayal of Mass Effect..

Several video game publishers are making really good video game beginnings, and here are some of the memorable beginnings.

  • Diablo I – the main part of the story in this game is in the first minutes of playing. The hero enters the peaceful village of Tristam and briefly talks to the villagers about the evil that lives under the cathedral. Once you enter the cathedral, the story is almost interrupted, with the exception of the optional missions.
  • Baldur’s Gate – This is one of the first BioWare games, and video game designers voted for this game as their favorite game. At first, your character lives safely hidden behind the walls of the castle. In the epilogue, your character is pushed from complete security to danger and adventure.
  • GTA San Andreas – The rest of the series may not shine in the intro, but San Andreas grabs you from the start and doesn’t let you down. From the fantastic actors who lend their voices to the great opening story that pushes your newly released prisoner back into crime, San Andreas has one of the best beginnings of video game.
  • And of course, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – In this game the first impression is a world of chaos and murder of the main character. Typical for the Call of Duty series is often to start at a certain point in the story, then in the initial levels, the player returns in time and survives the game again and better.

Although the first development of video games began in the 70s of the last century, the first games came about twenty years earlier.

On October 18, 1958, William Haginbotam and Robert Dvorak presented their tennis simulation, “Tennis for Two”, which is considered to be the first real video game made just for fun, not as a technological demonstration.

An analogue computer “Donner” was used for the tennis simulator using an oscilloscope and two controllers. Their game was shown to visitors at the Brookhaven lab where they worked, and several hundred people played their tennis.

Players with controllers could control the angle at which they hit the ball and move the ball over the net, and the ball could hit it too.

A year later they also introduced a better version of the game, with a larger screen and ball movement innovations.

Today’s games according to their graphic are very close to reality, so it’s sometimes difficult to guess whether it’s a photo or some racing simulation.


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