Who Says Gamers Can’t Have Girlfriends?

It’s shocking how many people believe that being a gamer is not a very cool job and it involves having a dull and boring life without friends or relationships. There will always be assumptions about everything and until people try and see it for themselves, they will never realize that being a gamer is actually a pretty fun job for people who enjoy it and that they are as normal as anyone. Many famous gamers like the famous Dota 2 player Topson and many others are in happy relationships and some of them even met thanks to their gamer lives. 

Pro gamers actually spend a big portion of their day playing games, which is work for them, and they often can’t wait to have a night out with friends and have some fun. Being cooped up inside all day can get pretty stressful which is why they are looking forward to spending time with other people. Contrary to some people’s beliefs, gamers are actually quite intelligent if they have gotten pretty good at what they do which makes them pretty eligible to figure out how to talk to girls. 

You can see for yourself from the great Fortnite streamer and gamer Ninja that it is very possible to be in a happy relationship with someone even if you spend most of your day playing video games. This guy became an internet sensation and a pro gamer all thanks to the countless hours he spent playing and perfecting his skills. He was so busy and yet managed to even get married.

This sort of profession can be a bit demanding and although it’s not a problem for the gamers themselves, it can get a bit between their relationship with their girlfriend if they pay too much attention to the gaming. On the other hand, if someone had the discipline to make it through every single hour of gaming and doing nothing else, then surely they can focus on other things as well if they put their minds to it. Making sure you involve your girlfriend in your gaming life and even spending time with her playing occasionally can do wonders for the relationship. Have you heard of the famous youtube gaming couple “The Gamer Couple”? They spend every gaming hour together to play Fortnite and have some fun. This list also shows five other gaming couples who stream together on twitch.

I hope that this is all the proof that you need and more to see that gamers can not only have girlfriends but even have a better chance of having gamer ones also that would be perfect for them. It’s important that you live your best life and shoot for what you desire!


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