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What To Play On PS4 in May 2020


Maneater release date for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch ...

          No, this is not the classic 80’s Hall and Oates song, it’s a shark RPG.

            Yes, you read that right. A shark RPG.

            In this game you assume the role of a bull shark on a mission to avenge the death of your mother, pretty standard stuff. The game is presented as an in-universe reality show titled Maneaters vs Sharkhunters which is narrated by Chris Parnell who you may recognize as voice of Jerry from Rick and Morty or Cyril from Archer. You begin the game as a baby shark with basic attacks and over the course of the campaign, you acquire advanced upgrades and can evolve into a megalodon.

            Open world is grouped into seven regions – each with its own unique apex predator that can kill you. These include alligators, giant squids, killer whales, and even other sharks, and like every other boss fight, defeating them will earn you special skills. The world is touted as reactive, meaning that the more havoc you cause, the more bounty hunters are gonna be coming after you. Sorta like GTA’s wanted system.

            Sheer lunacy of the idea, but also what seems like a solid execution is a good enough reason to pick this game up in May.

Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons gets release date on PS4, PC, Xbox and Switch ...

          Minecraft that isn’t Minecraft? Yup. This is in fact, a regular dungeon crawler, except it’s set in Minecraft universe.

            There is no crafting nor building here, but it sounds like a lot of fun to explore this iconic world in a different capacity. The player can explore randomly-generated dungeons filled with randomly-generated monsters. There are traps to avoid, puzzles to solve, and loot to collect and it can all be done in both local and online multiplayer.

            It seems like Mojang is steering clear of complicated class systems in favor of a more fun, laid-back experience which is something that a lot of people need right now.


Below PS4 Release Date to Arrive in Early April 2020

          If you’re looking for a dungeon crawler with a more serious tone, then Below is perfect for you. Originally released in 2018 for PC and Xbox One, this title finally made it to PS4 earlier in April. An atmospheric action-adventure has many genre-blending elements and that makes it particularly hard to define.

            Game’s developer Capybara Games have deliberately created it as a throwback to the bygone era of video games, with a very steep learning curve and permadeath. It’s worth noting that it’s been announced that the PS4 version will have an easier difficulty setting.

            In Below, player takes control of a warrior exploring the depths of a remote island. The game punishes recklessness, which is especially challenging with the rigorous combat system. Another key thing here is the survival aspect. Somewhere in the mid-2010’s this type of games popped out of nowhere and seemingly every game had those elements in some capacity or was an outright survival game. Seeing how the development of Below dragged on for a while, it’s not surprising that they chose to add that through-line.

            Games like Dark Souls and Bloodbourne have ushered in an interesting era back into the video game world – the age of brutal difficulty. So, if you can’t play those games without rage quitting, then maybe you shouldn’t play this one. Or, if that’s your thing, then this game is absolutely tailor-made for you.

My Friend Pedro

Here's why My Friend Pedro isn't available on PS4 and Xbox One

          This game is cool, and trust me when I say that there’s no better way of describing it.

            It appears that DeadToast Entertainment developed this title specifically to make the player feel like the epitome of bad ass, and they absolutely succeeded. On the surface, My Friend Pedro looks like a love letter to retro shoot-em-ups, but it’s much more than that.

            Sure, you go around and shoot enemies, and yes, bullet time has been done before, but this game executed this style to perfection. There many different ways you can shoot your enemies and there are all kinds of stunts that you can perform, making you truly feel like an action hero.

            As the game came out in April, I’ve taken the liberty of getting it and have thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of it. Controls are simple enough to learn quickly and the game makes you feel like John Wick without much effort. High octane action almost never stops and with each level there is a fresh new feature to stop it from getting too one-dimensional.

            Believe me, getting this game will truly be a thrill-ride which you will not regret.


SnowRunner | Release Date Reveal Trailer | PS4 - YouTube

          The sequel to 2017’s MudRunner, this game is an extreme driving simulator. Games like Euro Truck Simulator have given us the window into the world of truckers, something that is of a special interest in this day and age and SnowRunner ups the ante even further – pitting the player into unforgiving environments and only with a map and compass to navigate.

            Like other games in the genre, SnowRunner gives the player options of choosing their missions, each with different reward. The game is advertised to feature over 40 real-life vehicle models, but more importantly, the most advanced terrain simulation ever.

            If you pick up this title, you’ll be tasked with conquering the mud, snow, torrential waters, and ice as you take on challenging missions in order to upgrade your truck to survive it all. In the latest trailer, there is a hint of an emotional story mode, a thing not commonly seen in simulation-type games like this, but is certainly very intriguing.


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