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Top 5 Games For Nintendo Switch

top nintendo switch games for 5 year olds

So maybe you just purchased a brand new Nintendo Switch or you’re tired of the current games you are playing on yours. It’s only natural for you to try to figure out what the most amazing games available on the platform are. After the release of the Switch, Nintendo has ensured that their array of games has a variety interesting enough to keep all fans of the gaming unit happy. Either way, most gamers would also argue that some games are more equal than others are. The fact remains that; the wide array of games available on the Switch could sometimes make it confusing for people to choose the best games. We have taken the time to narrow these down for you;5

5. Undertale

This retro-style JRPG is unusually futuristic. The game is all about a human that is stranded in a world full of monsters. The player has to choose whether he would like to win any confrontations through intelligent conversations that include petting, talking and joking, or head on fights with these monsters. The game was design to carefully keep a record of everything the player does and monitors him closely, and reveals this in incredible ways. There are so many secrets to discover, and players are definitely going to love the amazing dialogue in the game, along with its brilliant playlist.

People Who Love It: This is a game for people who love interactive games. It’s the kind of game that takes away loneliness and boredom.

People Who Don’t Like It: For gamers who are not really into shooting and boss battle type of games will not enjoy this.

4. Splatoon 2

This game is based on the first iteration on the Wii U, but with better fleshed-out characters and gameplay mode (single player and co-op modes). Splatoon 2 still holds on to its original slime and J-pop shine that players loved about the original game. This Nickelodeon game allows players to paint the floor with slime and swim through their slime to move faster all while shooting nasties trying to get in the way. The game is quite addictive and it is easy for players to get lost in the habit of the fashion styling trends and high ranks, making it all the more amazing.

People Who Love It: This game is for lovers of color and uniquely styled online shooting games

People Who Don’t Like It: Players who love the traditional shooter games that they can easily play with their friends will not find this very interesting due to unimproved chat systems.

3. Celeste

This is a complicated game that requires users to think through every move they make. The idea is for players to help their characters warp-jump and mantle her way to the top of the mountain. The solution to every complex level is as simple as jumping. The simple design, combined with its spectacular controls and an amazing plot makes Celeste the brilliant game that it is. The playlist is also a major highlight of the game.

People Who Love It: The game is designed for those who love to critically think before making moves.

People Who Don’t Like It: Lovers of games that are “smash and grab” might not enjoy it.

2. Into The Breach

This game is practically a chess game where the pieces are now replaced with Mechs and Kaiju. Into The Breach is the latest addition to the makers of FTL: Faster Than Light. The game combines strategy based twists and turns with random face-offs that ensure that the gameplay remains challenging and interesting. The player is given a traveling commander that is able to see an enemy turn ahead of time, allowing the player to have enough time to plan on the next and most effective move to make (It’s all about countermeasures). The game is so well organized and addictive, and it doesn’t take long before users learn to develop some of the best strategies to help them navigate the game easily.

People Who Love It: This game is perfect for strategy and tactical gamers, who love to quickly put together efficient plans to take down their enemies.

People Who Don’t Like It: A game like this will be disliked by those who love the action in their gameplay, and those who don’t like to start over when they lose a level.

1.Super Mario Odyssey

Everyone and anyone who knows a thing about gaming is definitely not hearing the name Super Mario for the first time. The classic versions of this game are recognized and played globally, and after making such an incredible name for itself, the makers released Super Mario Odyssey; a game about freedom. Unlike the classic versions, the main character; Mario, no longer moves forward in a straight line. The makers have even ditched the timers and infused each level with all sorts of brilliant secrets and goofy fun. It is absolutely one of the most refreshing games out there that guarantee maximum fun for players.

People Who Love It: This is perfect for lovers of the original classic versions of the game like Mario 64, and people who like hats will love it even more

People Who Don’t Like It: Gamers that hate 3D platforming and hats might not enjoy the game.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new owner of the Nintendo Switch or if you have owned one for a while now, these games are bound to revolutionize your gameplay experience. They are highly-rated in the gaming space and are bound to have newer versions springing up on revised versions of the device. One thing you can be sure of is that these games are a once-in-a-decade type of games and we hope you enjoy them as much as we did.


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