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The top free PC games to play during this lockdown

This is a time of uncertainty and confusion and many people around the world are locked inside their homes with nothing to do. Especially the one’s living alone and away from loved ones. Though many are experiencing so much free time for the first time in their lives, hard core gamers are used to spending whole weekends sitting infront of their monitors, saving the world one zombie at a time. During this time, I decided to help out the people stuck at home, like me, and hopefully, ignite a passion for gaming in the ones who’ve never really been attracted to video games and don’t know where to start.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone was the second time the Call of Duty franchise tried their luck in the battle royale arena and its safe to say, Call of Duty warzone was a huge success with it gaining 15 million players within the first 3 days of its launch, a large part of which is because its completely free to play, a different approach from Call of Duty’s regular business model, which consists of costly game. In warzone you can play solo or with a squad which is tasked to fight its way to victory against a 146 other players. The game has got good reviews from streamers and casual gamers alike with many praising it for its exciting and fast-paced gameplay and impressive level of detail on the vast map. Just a word of advice, make sure you have a fast internet connection as Warzone’s game files exceed a whopping 90 GB.

Apex Legends

Apex legends has been around for some time now, having been released more than a year ago however it was the previous record holder of the most players gained within the first three days, having lost that title to Call of Duty Warzone earlier this year. Apex legends is based on the classic battle royale formula with some seasoning from the EA devs to make it stand out. It also has the option to play as a squad with other players or as a solo player. What really sets Apex Legends apart from other contemporary battle royale games is that the legends(that’s what the playable characters in apex legends are called) all have different super power esque abilities which when used effectively by a skilled player can win the game or vice versa. Apex legends is a great game to play with friends and you’ll surely go back for more.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

How can we talk about games to play when you’re unable to meet friends and not mention counter strike. It’s the game which has been around since when we were children and its still going strong. Seldom has a game ever had such a passionate following with so many people having fond and sometimes frustrating memories associated  with this timeless classic. This game is the ultimate example of a teamwork centered game. Unless you have good teammates in this shooter, you’re gonna have a bad time. However, once you star getting the hang of the game, you’ll find it quite hard to switch off you’re computer. The game itself has many different game modes and it’ll take a whole article to explain all of them and I leave it up to you to explore all of them, and remember,”This is bandit country lads”.

PUBG Mobile

This one is a bit different than the other games on the list because this was originally intended for mobile devices as a mobile port of the hugely popular battle royale game PUBG which was release 3 years ago on PC but its not free hence not everyone can play it. Its also quite heavy on your hardware and not many can run it. The mobile port however has really low system requirements as is expected of a mobile game but it has still managed to retain the classic gameplay of the PC version and was an instat hit once run on pc with the officially endorsed Gameloop  android emulator. This is definitely the best option if you want the full PUBG experience for free on a relatively low powered PC.

That’s it for this article, let us know which game you like dthe most out of the abovementioned and if you’d like to suggest some yourself.



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