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The Best Free Modern PC Games as Of 2019

best video games in 2019

We all met 2019 with a bang of games and techs that can’t be comprehended by our old generation of gamers. We are now living in the modern era of gaming, an era that is not intended only for the rich kids like it used to, but is now intended for those people who have very limited resources as well.

Many years ago, most of the free games that we can enjoy are those that you can play via a web browser. As per experience and personal review; these games were so horrible, filled with annoying ads, and often times very boring in an exemption of few. But everything has changed. We now live in a gaming world where games already have very realistic graphics and gameplay regardless of whether or not it is free or paid. We do know that there are some free games that aren’t really free because they are meant to be P2W aka ‘Pay to Win’, but what I’ am going to share to you right now is an absolute free to play PC games where money can’t hinder players’ gameplay for fairness sake. Well, there might be some but it will be so minimal to a point of considering it as non-evident.

Best Free Modern PC Games 2019 List and Reviews

The games listed below are not ranked from top 1 down to the least, but these are considerably the best based on my own review and tedious research from other very reliable sources. These games also MAY offer some paid services, but these are mostly just for aesthetics or some add ons that you DON’T really need to fully enjoy it.

  1. Dota 2 – I mentioned above that this list will not be ranked from top 1 to the least best, but just once let me sum up my Dota 2 review with just a single sentence – ‘Dota 2 is the best free to play game in PC of all time’. Yes, this is the GOAT!

Dota 2 offers an absolute 100% free to play gameplay that NO money can ever alter its fairness. This game is considerably the best eSports game because all of its mechanics are developed fairly, and if there is anything that would make a character a bit stronger than the other, the developers will immediately nerf it to maintain its fair-play atmosphere. Also, Dota 2 is the biggest tournament in eSports history in terms of its prize pool. The International Dota 2 Tournament of 2018 have had a prize pool of not less than $25 million, and is expected to rise up further in 2019 if their phasing will not change. So we are now talking about playing a free game which has a potential for every single player playing it to become a millionaire.

So what is Dota 2? Dota 2 or Defense of the Ancients is a multiplayer online battle arena game which lets you team up with other 4 players against a team of 5, and your mission is to break the opponent’s ancient. So, you will aim to break the enemy’s ancient by leveling up and farming gold by killing other players or their minions. You are also tasked to defend your own ancient by the use of the same resources that you could gather within the game map (killing other players, farming minions and other monsters). The team who breaks the enemy ancient will win the game.

  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive – another game that made it through our best free modern pc games of 2019 list is CS:GO. Counter Strike has been one of the best games of all time ever since it was launched many years ago. Counter Strike in the past can only be played through LAN, but now that the internet have engulfed the whole world, the game Counter Strike had become a global trend, hence its name – Counter Strike Global Offensive.

CS:GO is a first-person-shooter game that lets you experience an anti-terrorist vs terrorist experience just like what you see in the movies. The gameplay is aimed to be 100% realistic featuring guns that truly exist and still being used worldwide by the police, the military, SWAT, and terrorists alike. The mechanics of the game is very simple – you choose a team of either the good guys (police, SWAT, military, etc.) or the bad guys (terrorists), and then shoot to death the opposing team. Other mechanics also include bombs, hostages, and etc. which will spice up your overall gaming experience.

CS:GO initially was not a free to play game. It used to be a paid one for about $15 or so for the whole game franchise. Well, just recently (4th quarter of 2018) the makers of this masterpiece have decided to make the game free to play with an exemption of a VIP subscription that adds more perks to the experience. Regardless, the free to play version is still very good and you will still be able to enjoy as much experience as to those who subscribed for VIP. CS:GO, just like Dota 2, have tournaments being hosted worldwide. Though it can’t beat the amount of prize pools in a Dota 2 tournament, still CS:GO tournaments whacks an average of about 5 million or so dollars per year – an amount for sure no gamers could resist.

  • Ragnarok Online – Ragnarok Online is a free to play MMORPG on PC and mobile which had taken the hearts of so many gamers, until now. This game was originally introduced as a paid game many years ago, and been transitioned into a free to play game over the years. Ragnarok Online is also one of the pioneers of the MMORPG genre, and its exceptional gameplay has surpassed other games despite its graphics quality handicap.

Just like any MMORPG, this game starts on by creating your own character and choosing a class. You will then need to level up your character, place on stat points based on your class and preference, and then eventually hunt those gears that will make your character strong. There is a player versus player feature in this game that will let you compete with other players.

Also, take into consideration that though this game is a free to play game, the game is open to buy and selling of equips in exchange for real money. The developers itself also sell in-game items that will give advantage to paying players, though all of these for-sale items can be obtained through hard work. So, even if you are a 100% free player, you would still be able to get these items and will still be able to beat them in PvP provided that you are an exceptional player by talent and at the same time being beefed up with your hard-earned in-game items.

  • Fortnite – Fortnite without a doubt is one of the most, if not the most played game in history. Fortnite has a staggering 250 million active players which is relatively two thirds of the entire United States population. This game is so big that the game holds tournaments with staggering prize pools second only to Dota 2. And take note, the developers are aiming to be the top, not just the second in terms of tournament prize pools in the next months within 2019.

Fortnite should not have been on our best free modern pc games of 2019 list as this game used to be for one time sale. But then this all changed when Fortnite introduced the Battle Royale mode. Take note that the paid parts of Fortnite are still for sale which consists of story mode, other game modes, skins, starter packs, heroes, and etc. But the battle royale mode which is by far the most played one is totally free, and all of the Fortnite tournaments being held are in Battle Royale mode.

Fortnite is a shooter game that is so different with the traditional shooter game titles because this game features some weapons that are beyond the traditional guns we use today in real life. The characters or heroes as they call it also have different fantasy-looking designs which makes the gameplay more entertaining. The Battle Royale mode will consist of up to 100 players battling against each other until one person/team will survive. You can play alone against others or play with a team of two to four. The game starts by airdropping you down with nothing but your clothes, then you will need to pick up different unique weapons on the ground once you land. After getting any weapon or your desired weapon, feel free to roam around the map and shoot anyone that moves and don’t get killed until you’re the only one left, alive.

  • Player Unknown’s Battleground Lite Version – Famously known as PUBG, Player Unknown’s Battleground is a battle royale shooting game that features character designs that are traditional to the real world. This game doesn’t have any character type with special skills, but just a character that you will create or optimize. So, the deciding factor of the game will be the player’s overall shooting skills, wit, and the weapon of choice to fight against other players.

Contrary to fortnite’s gameplay, this game features realistic characters and weapons. The weapons being used in this game are existing weapons we have today in real life. Well, not all weapons being used in PUBG are really weapons like for example a frying pan. The mechanics of the game are relatively the same as any other battle royale type of shooting game, though PUBG is somewhat unique in a way that it included some more realistic features such as limping/crawling which is expected to a person being shot in real life.

PUBG have two versions, one is the PUBG from Steam, and the other one is the PUBG Lite which was recently released this 2019. The difference between the two are focused on the graphics quality, making the lite version being a little bit downgraded in terms of its graphics quality.


This list is subject to change, so stay tuned here on my blog as I will be updating more titles in the future. Also, these games require a significant amount of PC power to optimally run, so you will need a gaming PC to enjoy these titles. I will definitely post some PC builds in the future that are budget friendly, enthusiast recommended, and my own overall recommendation.


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