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As most gamers already know, the PlayStation 4 era is coming to an end, and the people at Sony are getting ready to revolutionize gaming with their upcoming next generation PlayStation 5. There have been so many rumors and leaks about its release date and features. Although none of this has been confirmed by Sony yet, what we are certain of is that the Playstsion 5 will be released in 2020. The tension grows in the gaming industry and gamers yearn to see who comes out on top between PlayStation and Sony in this innovative war. There are so many rumors, leaks and speculations regarding what to expect from the PlayStation 5, here are a few;

Support for PlayStation VR

With the advent of virtual reality, the gaming landscape has changed immensely. Although, gamers were slow to accept the innovation, it is now increasingly popular among gamers with games like AstroBot: Rescue Mission and Moss getting released on the PlayStation 4. This was especially possible because Sony was able to create budget VR headsets that were compatible with the PlayStation 4. Now, the growing popularity of VR among gamers has led to speculations that Sony would also be releasing a newer version of the PlayStation VR with the PlayStation 5.

Game Streaming

As Microsoft seems to be establishing a database for their game streaming service as they further explore game streaming. It is expected that Sony would also do the same as well, and it is very likely that they would release this on the PlayStation 5. This will likely be done through an upgrade of the PlayStation Now feature and allow for a “Netflix-type” game streaming database for games. This seems to be where the gaming world is headed next, and Sony is not about to be left behind on the new trend.

Touchscreen Gamepads

It is no news that Sony has filed a patent for a touchscreen controller, confirming their obvious interest in creating one. This seems like a logical upgrade from the PlayStation 4’s Dual Shock pads. A touchscreen controller would allow gamers manage certain game functions that normally clog up the screen during gameplay. Although, these game pads might cost more to produce, which is something Sony might want to consider during the production of the PlayStation. However, they will likely find a way to do, because from all indication, they are bring their A-Game for this console.

Backward Compatibility

During the release of the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3, backward compatibility was obviously important to Sony as these consoles seemed to the ability to play games of previous versions. This was later removed from the later versions of the PlayStation 3 to reduce the cost of producing the console. However, with the release of PlayStation 4, a lot of the classic games from the past were released again on the new console, and the others were made available via PlayStation Now. Sony has also filed for patents that hint at the PlayStation 5 supporting backward compatibility with PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 games. This is especially important for Sony as it seems to be a major feature on the Xbox One, and they wouldn’t want to lose fans to the competition.

PSX 2019

The PSX event is the one event dedicated to the PlayStation gaming console. However, with certain speculations about the release of the PlayStation 5 coming in 2019, it does not seem likely that the release will come this year. Nonetheless, what seems more likely is the PSX 2019 event that will probably come with solid official information about the PlayStation 5 and its official release date for 2020. The Asian version of the PSX event could take place this summer, while the regular event is likely to take place in December. Hence, if the 2019 release speculations are correct, then it is also possible for the PlayStation 5 to get released in December.

Features Similar to Switch

After the Wii U failed to impress gamers, Nintendo needed a big win which they have been able to get with the Nintendo Switch which grew incredibly popular amongst gamers. The Nintendo Switch now currently holds the title for the fastest selling game in the United States. With its rapid success, the competition is not looking to be left out of the rat race, as there are rumors that Sony will be making the PlayStation 5 have switch-like features. Further rumors have even suggested that the new console will make use of cartridges instead of discs. These rumors are based on the fact that Sony has patented a device similar to the Switch design. However, it is also possible that this device is not meant to be for the PlayStation 5, either way, time will tell how true all this actually is.

The above features are the likely features to come with Sony’s next generation console; PlayStation 5, but these will not be the only new features. It is expected that Sony will amp up this device to keep up with the competition, and for now, there is still a lot of things that we won’t know about the device until its release date. However, if there is one thing that Sony has consistently done, it is the fact that they keep releasing newer consoles with the comfort of gamers in mind. So, we can easily expect the PlayStation 5 top any of their previous console versions.

Although, we are still about a year away from the release of the game, and a lot of things could still change in a year. Gamers have begun the countdown to the release of the console and Sony seems determined not to let them down on this one.


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