Pc Gaming: A Cure or Curse

Right now, is the golden era for Pc gaming. Anyone who want to get to a good pc experience also get a good pc to do it. Computers are approachable to everyone now a days and it increasing it demands in this era. Moreover, number of children’s who play games on computers are also increased. There are both positive as well as negative impacts of pc gaming.

If we talk about the positive effects of pc gaming, the cognitive skills of the children develop through this kind of gaming. Because as everyone know that there are some games which require high level of thinking and focus to win. The skills that can’t be taught through schools. These are the skills which are only developed by the children himself/herself through pc gaming. Such as children have to solve some problems in gaming, they need to follow the instructions. And those games which are currently popular now a days require logics in it in order to win. For the process of being an adult at right time of life, a child requires these kinds of gaming’s which are very beneficial in this regard.

 But the problem in this regard is in some games they require high level of violence in it. More and more violent the gamer is, more he/she get the chance to win. So, the concerns have been increased about children’s profile in computer games. In games, children are rewarded for being more violent and this kind og violence they do is repeated again and again. Like in some games children are helping their partners in game to kill a character, kick shoot or stab them. This can cause the aggressive feelings to develop in a child. Their thoughts and behaviors change according to how they are living in their game life. Moreover, pc gaming can affect eye sight is played for longer period of time.

Parents have to be attentive in this case and they have to take certain steps in order to minimize this issue. First step could be like some games have their content that what kind of win and loss aspects they are leading to. Parents should check the contents of the games and then allow accordingly to their children that they should play such game or not. Those games which are having the content of violence and are not suitable for the mental stability of the children should not be allowed by the parents. Parents can also set the time limit in games that will allow the child to play a particular game for a specific period of time only. Parents can also take active interest in games that what are going in children gaming lives and they should talk to their kids about how they feel about such game and what is going in their mind regarding certain characters.

There are certain advantages of pc gaming over consoles. Like, pc gaming is far more less expensive than console games. We don’t have to pay to play multiplayer games on computer. There are more types of games on pc than console. No one can miss big games coming on their way. They released in pc version a bit late but worth waiting. Pc gaming can get as real as we want it to be. We can play as we want to play. More updates are available in pc. There is communication mode also enabled in pc gaming. Modes are what that make a game your own. This is the massive part of what makes the pc gaming great on it own. Fixing the issues that developer usually neglect and opening up to the new adventures is what we can get on pc gaming. Other big advantages of pc gaming include that beside playing games we can edit then; we can create are own maps for the playing area that we want to play on. Pc gaming give us the benefit of graphics, pictures and these abilities in palm of our hand. Computer have processors now available for powerful gaming system. Although when a game is released it is impossible for the developer to go back to the game and alter some thing or to make it better.

Online gaming is one of the aspects of pc gaming that allow people all around the world to interact with one another and have connections with variety of individuals. Pc gaming can be change according to need like new graphic cards, increase in memory or a new processor for better speed of heavy games. All these things are not possible for console which give the pc its huge advantage.


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