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The Nintendo Switch has been in the industry for a while. The console provides great games wherever, whenever and to whoever, you play with. The Switch is Nintendo’s pioneering hybrid console providing a combination of home and handheld console worlds in one convenient package. Unlike, Sony and Microsoft, that chased the high-end 4k gaming, Nintendo took a different path.

Nintendo’s bet on portability two years ago has now finally paid off. It has made the Nintendo Switch an even more capable gaming console. The ability of one being able to carry their console on the go unlike others that are stuck at the bottom of your TV has really been a selling point. Adding on to these, numerous games have been added to the selection of the available games. The Nintendo Switch is home to the best indie titles around.


The Nintendo Switch is packed in a stable, rectangular cardboard box, with Nintendo Switch and its Joy-Con controllers, as well as its dock, displayed on the front and back. A single side of the box shows images of the Nintendo Switch being used in various different play modes.

After opening the box you will find a cardboard tray, within which you find both the left and right controllers, as well as the Switch itself.
Switch and the Controllers will both come in clear plastic bags. Both the Joy-con controllers and the switch are easy to remove.

Removing the tray you will be presented with a partitioned space with three main compartments. In the first left chamber, you will get the Nintendo Switch’s AC adapter, an HDMI cable, as well as the mandatory instruction leaflet.

In the central compartment, there is the Joy-Con controller grip, along with
2 Joy-Con wrist straps, to the right AC adapter, a dock, Nintendo Switch dock, and all important cables in the transparent bag.


The Nintendo Switch console itself is a 6.2-inch, 1280×720 capacitated touch screen tablet. The Switch is massive and has a premium build quality. It is built of glass, metal, and composite. The Switch console weighs roughly 297g.

Behind the Nintendo, Switch is the Tabletop Mode’s kickstand. It is located to the rear-bottom-left of the console. The stand is flipped out by lifting it from the bottom with a fingernail. Nintendo Switch’s microSD card slot is located beneath the kickstand. When in use, the kickstand helps place the Nintendo Switch to an upright position.

Slotting in and out of the Joy-Con controllers in and out of the Nintendo Switch is very easy. The controllers are placed with a sliding motion from the top down till there is a clicking sound. There are small, mounted buttons to the rear of each of the Joy-Con that allows for detachment of the Joy-Con with an upward slide.

The power button, volume up and down of the Nintendo Switch is located to the top. Other buttons located at the top include the game cart port, headphone port and the stereo speakers. The Switch’s USB Type-C that is found at the bottom. As mentioned earlier, the microSD card slot is located beneath the kickstand.

Joy-Con controllers typically have the same layout of any typical game controller. There are twin thumb sticks and X, A, B, Y button-style configurations. Left controllers come with Nintendo Switch photo button that allows users to take screenshots in games and have those images saved to the system’s storage. Nintendo Switch has a standard storage capacity of 32 GB.

The Wall Street Journal in October 2018 reported that Nintendo was looking to refresh the Nintendo Switch for 2019. It is said that Nintendo plans to make the Switch’s screen brighter, thinner and more energy efficient. If these reports are correct, this would mean that the Switch will have better battery life and a vibrant display.

Nintendo switch games

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the biggest showpiece of the Nintendo Switch. The game takes ideas from the original Legend of Zelda game and other concepts by Skyrim. It’s a world full of wonder. This is the latest entry in Nintendo’s venerable fantasy franchise. At a price ranging from £49.99-£59.99, this is undoubtedly a bargain for such a wonderful experience.

At the same price as the Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey manages to successfully bring a ton of new moves to the world of Mario. A step away from the Mushroom Kingdom, the game still manages to keep a fresh look while still retaining every ounce of nostalgia and retro charm. Another of Mario’s highly rated game for the console is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Amongst the best games to acquire for the Nintendo Switch is Tetris 99. Fortunately, it is free, and it comes with Nintendo Online subscription.

Pros and Cons of Nintendo Switch

The best-selling point of the Nintendo Switch would have to be its ability to transform a home console to a portable gaming system. It only takes seconds transitioning from one form to the next. This flexibility means a lot for gamers since you can always share an experience with a friend.

Although the system is flexible, the 3.5 hours of play time might seem sufficient for some gamers, hard-core gamers might be frustrated by the limited capability of the battery.

The Nintendo Switch is arguably very comfortable to hold in hand. It could be argued that is is better as an attached console. The Joy-Con controllers feel natural to the hand in portable mode than in console mode. Additionally, it is light enough that one doesn’t feel wrist strain. The kickstand at the rear of the console helps place it down if tensions kick in.

Regardless of the places that you take the Nintendo Switch in its portable mode, one has to be aware of issues to do with light. The Switch is a tablet that has problems with glare. Gamers should continuously check the lighting layout at which they are.

Unlike the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that takes ages-5 minutes to half an hour- to load games, the Nintendo Switch loads in a snap. With the Switch, a gamer plugs in the cartridge and the game is ready to launch.

With 32 million units sold, the Nintendo Switch is a success. It has sold more than the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This is no surprise with the relatively cheap and brilliant design that it holds. It is a console unique from the likes of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that are expensive and furthermore not portable.


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