My Experience playing a Virtual Reality Game.

       And why you probably shouldn’t if you are too emotional.

Most people I know have an idea of what games to play, whether online or offline.

From field games like football, hockey, and Sponge Pass to swimming and tennis games; it’s a wonder that no matter how interesting the games feel like; no one person performs well in all the games in the world.

Some are great and awesome at playing squash, while others flow very well and naturally with golf.

Perhaps body types or some inner strengths or mental ability have a part to play when attempting these games for the first time.

I was having a quiet time last week listening to some “You don’t know” by Eminem on my Beats when Richard walked in all excited like he just discovered America again.

I locked eyes with him and he yanked the headphones from my head because he wanted me to hear him.

“Come!”, he said.

“What man?!”, I feigned anger.

Truth is , it’s hard getting angry with Richard.

I walked with him through the passage leading to his room, and I was awed as soon as I saw what he had planned.

Arranged in his room was a complete Virtual Reality set already installed and ready for us to play.

I looked at him and ask , “Have you played this thing before?”

He looked at me, shrugged and said “No.”.

That should have been my first warning but I was too excited to pay attention.

He explained that in this particular game , we only have to kill as many zombies as we can.

Think about horror movies.

Ignorant me thought to myself and I heard, “Well, that’s easy.”

We just keep shooting and blow off some zombie heads.

This should be exciting.

“How many zombies are there?”, I asked.

“I have no idea man! Are you going to play with me or you’re going to keep the questions coming?”, Richard asked with the excitement still written all over him.

Somehow, I sensed  he was equally scared of what we’d see, but he was able to mask it effectively.

Few minutes later, we sat down and wore the glasses on our heads, and I must confess that at this stage , I was just too eager to find out.

I was very curious.

Richard was too, but again…he never showed any sign.

He pressed start and…

Darkness! Nothing at all.

Then, from nowhere, I heard this horrific loud hysteric laughter coming from …

Hard to tell as I looked everywhere but couldn’t see anything.

I called to Richard , but he was quiet, the gun at the ready in his hands, steady and ready to burst heads.

From nowhere, we heard footsteps rushing towards us.

It was heavy, and there were many.

The next thing we saw was this mass of giant about 7 feet rushing towards us.

Think about Shaquille O’Neal!

I quickly aimed the gun in my hand and rained bullets in its body, but alas!

My gun got jammed!!

I panicked and I began to fidget with the machine in my hand as I heard my friend scream my name, “Shoot him Jack, shoot him!”

But the gun wouldn’t work.

Richard kept shooting as we both ran in the opposite direction away from the beast.

We ran so hard and as fast as our legs could carry us until we felt sure we had escaped.

I kept checking my gun and trying to fix it until a bullet escaped, then  I became ready.

So I thought.

Until we saw three of the same guy we saw at first right behind us ready to strike!

Richard dropped his gun and dashed off!

Till today, I’d never be able to tell if it was fear or some instinct that made him do that.

I mean, he’s got his gun working and all, so why not just aim and fire?

Probably it was my time to shoot.

I took five steps back where we initially ran from and fired five shots consecutively.

One of them fell down immediately, while the other two increased their speed.

I ran harder this time.

These things are too real!

I fell, turned and kept firing shots everywhere.


Then, silence.

My brain began to process some information.

Where is Richard? Where are the zombies?

Did I kill them all?

Is it over?

I was still in thought when I heard Richard whining and sobbing in a corner not too far from me.

I stood up, dust my shirt and as I took a step or two in his direction,  8 zombies rushed out, grabbed me and began squeezing the life out of me.

I felt life leaving me.


How do  I confess my sins!

Yes. Life was ‘leaving’ me when Jack’s mum removed the headset from our heads and we scurried across the room in fright like little birds rescued from the fowler.

Playing a virtual reality game can draw a lot of emotions and psychological outcry from you if you are not ready.

I was not ready. I don’t think I ever will.

Richard was worse prepared even though he bought the game.

I never would have known that there are games that could scare you to pieces and cause you to cry, fear and feel so helpless.

When next someone ask you to come play a VR game with them, please think twice.

It’s not a game for the timid.

Richard later bought a PS4 and the fun was much better.

No one wants to end up dead playing a game that feels so real you become hospitalized or become demented.


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