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The most awaited game of 2020, CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 is developed by the creators of infamous game Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Cyberpunk 2077 was first showcased back in 2013, and after a long wait of 7 years, the game is all set to release on 16th April this year. It is featured in a dystopian futuristic city named Night City in Northern California.

The main character, V, is a customizable mercenary whose not only appearance but cyber-ware abilities and skills can also be upgraded. You can develop the persona as per your wish by modifying stats such as Strength, Intelligence, Reflexes, Tech, Cool and much more. Furthermore, Cyberpunk has introduced a LifePath system which allows you to select your own backstory. Whichever life story you pick will be reflected in its interaction with other characters. All these choices you make in building your character will define its performance in different quests.

The character of Johnny Silverhand, an integral part of Cyberpunk will be played by Keanu Reeves. Johnny exists mainly in V’s head as a digital ghost, but you will see his physical appearance time to time. Keanu’s character will be the one guiding V’s decisions based influenced by gray morality.

Cyberpunk 2077 will give us one of a kind, revolutionized RPG experience. The game trailer release at E3 has already created a buzz and we are waiting to see how the game lives up to our expectations.


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The primary setting for Doom Eternal is the Earth, invaded by demons post 2016’s Doom. As a sequel to 2016’s Doom, the game includes a lot of demon already encountered in the previous game some of which include: Cyberdemon, Marauder, and Arachnotron. From the first person perspective, you assume the role of Doom Slayer fighting the demonic forces to save the human race.

In the launch trailer at E3, we saw that the character combats the forces of Hell at diverse locations such as under the fire blazing sky, and shooting arenas. For this, the Doom Slayer has been upgraded to easily counter enemies. The new Doom slayer moves faster and can easily maneuver physical acts such as jumping off long distances and wall climbing. The Meat Hook feature will allow it to slingshot towards enemies and clench on to different places. Using the shoulder mounted cannon that launch fire grenades and burst of flames, you can easily burn down the demons. Weapon modification is picked up from previous version.

The new feature in the game allows you to collect extra lives to be utilized in re-spawning Doom Slayer in the exact location where it died. In case there are no additional lives left, the Slayer will be respawned at the nearest checkpoint. The game’s Battle Mode has introduced a new Multiplayer 2 vs 1 experience, unlike the previous one.

Get ready to defend Earth as Hell breaks loose. You find yourself hooked on to this game, if you are a fan of gory and unmerciful gameplay. Dooms Eternal launching on March 20th 2020, is available for pre order now.


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Dying Light 2 is an upcoming first-person game developed by Techland. The plot is set 15 years after the events of first game release, where survivors are living the aftermaths of fall of humanity.

The protagonist, Aiden Candwell is an infected survivor looking for a cure in the city that is built from the ruins of what the infection has destroyed. In the game you have the power to transform the city by allying with any of the various factions. Whichever side you choose to pick, your decisions from being its member will influence the environment of the city.  As the game proceeds you will witness the growing role of the dominating faction and its banners around the city. Every player’s experience is going to be unique depending on the decisions. The makers say that they have “doubled” the parkour options and so we even witnessed it in the launch of its trailer.

We need to wait a little longer for hands one experience, as Dying Light 2 will be launched in some time around spring 2020.


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Half Life-developed by Alyx- is Valve’s biggest project yet. It uses Virtual reality gameplay, thus supports all PC compatible VR Headsets. This game will be the prequel that is set between Half Life 1 and Half Life 2. Playing the lead character, Alyx Vance- introduced in Half Life 2 as Gordon Freeman’s partner, you will be puzzle solving and exploring the dynamics of the worlds. Main story line will revolve around Alyx, along with her father Eli, fighting and building resistance from the invading aliens known as Combine. Valve has promised that an intricately woven story connects the characters and elements crucial to the Half Life Universe displayed in earlier editions.

As a change from its earlier released game, gravity gloves will replace gravity gun, allowing Alyx to grab things out of reach.  This is all we know about the game yet, as most of the details are still kept as a secret by its developers. Players will have a different and an engaging experience compared to other role playing games because of VR environment.


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