How to take part in gift4gamers giveaway(Tutorial)

First of all you have to visit
Now you can see one Participate now button click there, or you can direct click on Giveaway link on menu.

or You can directly Go to The Ultimate Giveaway.

Now on the giveaway page login using your facebook account(Currently we are supporting login using facebook account because it will be easier to recognise and contact you).


After login you will see like this


These are the task you have to complete to win gift4gamers weekly giveaway. Only 7 task you have to complete. Each task will give you +1 entry. If you completed 7 task then your entry point will 7. We added one section here which is mandatory also that is Daily task. If you visit that page daily you will get +1 more entry daily. On sharing task for each referral you will get +1 entry too. We select our giveaway winners using So as much entry you will make, it will give you more chance to win.


  • Visit Gift4gamers on Facebook:

You have to visit gift4gamers on facebook and like our page.


If you already liked gift for gamer on facebook then ignore and click on continue button.


You must like gift4gamers facebook page so you will get to know when winner will be announced.

  • Subscribe to our Youtube Channel:

This task is mandatory.


You just have to login using your google account and subscribe gift4gamers youtube channel. After subscribing just back to your tab and click on continue.


  • Visit Gift4gamers on Google+:

You have to visit gift4gamers google+ url and follow our google plus profile.


You can also click on the G+ button which appeared on the widget.


(Optional) If you want you can also +1 gift4gamers posts. That will not added to your entry but you can do it.

  • Follow @gift4gamers_com on Twitter:

Follow us on twitter and enter your Twitter username to finalize this entry.



  • Join group Gift4gamers on Steam:

You have to join our steam group for updates. Join gift for gamer ‘s steam group and enter your steam username on the widget.


If you don’t have a steam account then just create one and join.

  • Visit This Page to +1 your entry daily:

In this task you can add extra +1 entry daily.


You just have to daily visit on the link once. It will add +1 entry into your participant profile and will give you more chance to winfree Pc Parts.

  • Share our Giveaway on Facebook. (It will show complete when someone will sign up Here using your shared link):

Just share our generated link to your facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc.


On each referral you will get +1 more points. Don’t panic if no points added after sharing. Make sure your share is public.


Points will be added only when some one will also take part in this giveaway using your shared link.

For bonus prizes you can also share gift4gamers Facebook page and posts adding this hashtag #gift4gamers #weekly_giveaway #gaming_giveaway #winfree #gift_for_gamer .

Video tutorial will be added soon.

Good Luck Gamers.

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