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How to stop playing League of Legends the wrong way

League of Legends is one of the most popular games right now. Millions of people play this game every day, but they are making some common mistakes, that’s why they get stuck in a division and can’t move from it.

Don’t be like them, you can be one of the best players around the world, just by following the steps in this article.

  1. How to select the right champion for me
  • If you want to be one of the best, you need to play up to 5 champions for your lanes , but keep in mind you need to be focused at maining only two roles. Why 5 because you want to use their potential at max.
  • When you choose these 2 lanes, practice with you favourite heroes in ranked and don’t forget every one of them has a counter pick. When you can see what your opponent will play, take one of your best picks against him, which will help you win the early game.
  • That is the only way to keep your MMR high, because when you know all ins and outs of your champions you will unlock their full power. When this hero’s stop to work for you learn a new one.

2 When you get tired just stop playing for a moment and take a break.

  • It’s like when you go to drink a beer with a friend and you say just one more, but after  this, you grab another one. When you play too much League of Legends, the loose strike begins, because the focus from enjoying and learning the game is moved, to your desire for winning.
  • To prevent yourself from sticking in a situation like this, try to notice the small sight , when misplays appear more and more. This makes you angry and you lose control of the game. After this happened just take a break 1,2 hours as much as you need.

3 Don’t jump directly to the ranked games.

  • You can’t go to the gym and start with the heavyweights. First you make the warm-up then the hard work begins.
  • The same is for League of Legends you need to play 1 2 normal games. Then after you warm up, the full potential of your skills will be unlocked and concentration in the game will be easier.

4 The choice of the right build is one of the most important things in League of Legends

  • The build is like the food for the champions, if you give them wrong they will become useless.
  • This is one of the most important steps to move yourself to the top. You need to learn how to create your build based on the enemy team.
  • You need to know all items ups and downsides, against what champions they work and how they work
  • When you are buying the items you need to look at the current situation in the game.

            You can’t take “guardian angels” as a first item that’s insane. Make your research                              before you start the games, see how the best players in the world create their build this will help for making  the right one for you.


IF you want to be at the top of the food chain, in League of Legends, go and Learn from the best players in the world. I gave you  the right Tips, how to improve your skills.

Don’t take them as granted, go take your time, teach your champions, make some research about them.

You can even watch live streams, to see how the top players adapt to every situations.

Remember keeping yourself concentrated, while playing is the best you can do .

Good Luck!


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