Final Fantasy Vll Remake Review ( Demo)

When the game was first announced in 2015, a re-design of the same RPG that was loved over 20 years ago was expected by many Diehard fans. Nevertheless, Square Enix and the trio of legendary directors, including Tetsuya Nomura, who signed the project, settled on an ambitious and risky project: a complete reimagining of FFVII.

The Final Fantasy VII demo combat system is superb.

The most significant change in the game that players have come to love, and remember, is by far the combat system. The first Final Fantasy VII fighting system was an ATB system, which gradually increased before the player could switch. Remake Player can experience this in real-time by adding a variation of hack and slash with a menu system that slows down the combat as you select.

The fighting feels so fluid. Using the skill of Braver (Cloud), Concentrated Shot (Barrett), as well as spells and the stuff-every battle, is quick and enjoyable.

Using the Quick-Action menu (R1 + Button for abilities and Item ) adds a great deal of gameplay versatility, speeding up. How you can use your skills, but also making it super easy to pop up, switch characters, and pop up another to maximize damage in a short time.

Square made some “Brave” decisions that paid off in this Remake Chaining ability and attacks to deal the most damage, the addition of a pseudo cover system

Additions include the use of ranged characters for enemies not achievable by a melee character. There’s a surprising amount of depth to combat in place of feeling like a straightforward hack and a slash game.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Looks like an Original…

The whole demo was like the 1997 Game, looking around the world and the scene but with a new coat of beautiful paint. Sure,  there are a few changes like laser traps and some areas that were kind of there in the original but not wholly fleshed out.

Without delving into the details too deeply, the players are once again in the Cloud boots to destroy the Mako reactor. Accompanied by Wedge, Biggs, Jessie, and Barrett, you’ll make your way from the train station to the reactor to destroy it. You’re going to fight the iconic Guard Scorpion again with Barrett, then race against a ticking time bomb to escape the Mako reactor, which blows up and sends debris all over Midgar. It’s all like the original game, but a small detail change to the story (without spoiling it) has been added to the remake.

The demo doesn’t have a lot of depth to the menu system, which isn’t surprising just because of the limited time/area you’re in. That said, with the versatility of combat, I’m looking forward to seeing what has been added to many of the inventory management elements common to JRPG’s with this remake. With a plethora of options for items in the original, I’m interested how much we’re going to be able to do with Materia, as well as the depth of the system of materia for which Final Fantasy VII is known.


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