Call of Duty – Warzone

Are you fond of first-person shooting? If yes, we have great news for you. You must have played Call of Duty for at least one time at some point in your life. Activision just launched another version of Call of Duty named as Warzone.

Excited, right?

But first let us get inside the details of Call of Duty, its characteristics, and its previous editions.

Introduction to Call of Duty

Activision set to produce its first game of Call of Duty in 2003. At the start, it focused on games set about World War II. However, with time they started producing games with a modern touch.

The primary developers behind these series are Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer Games.

Warzone Game Play

On 10th March 2020, Activision came up with another masterpiece “Warzone”, breaking the gaming network and grabbing everyone’s attention.

Warzone stands out from all the other Call of Duty versions because it has introduced 2 new In-Game modes i.e. Battle Royale and Plunder.

In Battle Royal, you dive into the mayhem of 150 players fighting on a single map. Battle Royale further has 2 types, Battle Royale (Normal) where you have your fireteam comprising of three players fighting 49 other teams like you out there. Another one is Battle Royale (Solo) where you are on your, fighting against 150 others like you. Last man standing wins!

Plunder is almost the same as Battle Royale, but the difference is that in Battle Royale you just have to survive to be the last person standing whereas in Plunder you have to survive as well as collect the money. The richest team wins!

New Rules

Some new things are added to the gameplay. So are some rules.

In Call of Duty: Warzone you can respawn after being killed. But it has 2 conditions. Firstly, when you are killed you will be sent to a Gulag, which is a prison. In Gulag you will have 1on1 fight with your opponent who was also killed like you, the winner gets respawned back to the game. Secondly, you can do this only once in a match.

In Warzone gameplay, time is limited so is the area, because of the Deadly Gas Circle, this circle collapses with time in a specific area. You have to stay inside the circle and fight. If you get out of the Gas Circle you will be dead in few seconds unless you have found a gas mask.

Battle Pass

Battle Pass is an additional option in Warzone where you can purchase some great stuff and polish your gameplay to the next level. You can unlock many rare and impressive items that can make you better from other players.

Such as, you can obtain GRAU 5.56 a rare lightweight gun full of potential and a hard-hitting long-range SMG STRIKER 45. If you want to look good during the gameplay, maybe fancy up things a little and shoot with the style you can obtain a new operator GHOST, which is a pretty cool character with a mask made of the human skull. 

Obviously, in every game when you play you earn something, the same is the case with Warzone when you play you earn Call of Duty Points. These points can help you unlock few rare and locked items like weapons, special equipment (grenade, knife), score-streaks so with the battle pass you can also get 1,300 Call of Duty Points and gift yourself some cool things.

Moreover, you also have options of getting mods for your weapons such as Weapon Blueprints and different kinds of Players Skins.

Tac Map

So far, Call of Duty: Warzone only has one map, VERDANSK.

Verdansk is an epic-sized map with 330 points of interest which is further divided into different Sectors and Zones.

The whole map is divided into 5 Sectors and these sectors are further divided into different points of interest.

Last but not least, it is FREE! It’s a cross-platform game so it does not matter if you own a Console or PC. You can download and start shooting right away!


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