Looking for a more exciting gaming experience, you should invest in good monitors. With good monitors, you get to see your opponents much more clearly, your actions are not slow nor shabby. There are several options of monitors out there, like the LG, Dell, ASUS, Viewsonic, and several other best brands. Having to choose the best from all these could be daunting. However, what makes a good console gaming monitor is the 4k resolution, high refresh rate, a low response time that allows smooth camera movement, FreeSync over HDMI or G-SYNC that prevents screen tearing while playing, a good connection port is also a good plus. This is why we took our time to carefully screen amongst several options of monitors to select these listed options. These monitors will produce the best gaming and considered the best amongst the several options out there. The different game features were considered, display, refresh rate, response time, to help influence your choice for a good option monitors.


·        ASUS VG279Q 

With a 27″ full HD gaming IPS display, ASUS VG279Q has a very fast 1ms response time and an extraordinary 144Hz refresh rate that would give such a super smooth gaming experience, such that motions are not slow or blur but very responsive and fluid-like. It has adaptive sync (Free sync) technology that doesn’t give room to scrappy frame rates. ASUS eye care technology that minimizes eye fatigue. The ergonomic design of this monitor is one that allows it to be accommodated on any desk or stand. The adaptive sync in collaboration with the 144Hz refresh rate allows the monitor to provide a tear-free gaming experience. The mediocre contrast ratio gives the ASUS VG279Q an overall decent picture quality which is typical for IPS monitors. With its excellent SRGB color gamut that covers a wider Adobe RGB color space which is perfect for white balance accuracy. Darker bands can be seen through the screen due to its excellent grey uniformity of the ASUS VG279Q.


·        LG 27UK650-W

If you are looking out for the best 4k monitor for your Xbox games, LG27UK650 is a good choice. With its ability to deliver very good picture quality and great performance. It has a good motion handling, input lag, and FreeSync support, however, a downside is the 60 Hz refresh rate that may not look good for gamers who don’t play Xbox alone. However, for Xbox, this monitor is an excellent choice. It will also give a tear-free gaming experience because of its support of FreeSync VRR. Combined with the AMD FreeSync technology and Dynamic Action Syncthe low input lag makes this monitor such a capable gaming monitor. LG also has connectivity such as HDMI 2.0 ports that allow HDR and HDCP 2.2, 1.2 display port, a USB-C and 3.5mm audio jack port. Alongside with these features is the black stabilizer that makes use of the gamma of dark shades without affecting the light shades, playing with this monitor will totally wow you with its immersive video quality.


·        VIEWSONIC XG2402-W

If you are looking for a monitor for your Xbox at a much cheaper budget, the Viewsonic is the perfect monitor. It is a monitor that delivers decent picture quality and it has an extraordinary motion handling and an outstanding low input lag. This monitor is very poor in the dark environment due to its degrading black uniformity and contrast ratio. However, this monitor will still please even the most demanding gamer. Viewsonic has what it takes to give you an intense gaming performance, the response is perfect such that you can react to competitors in time. It is an extraordinary monitor at such a cheap price.


Choosing a monitor for your Xbox one x shouldn’t be as difficult anymore. This is a simple breakdown that should help your choice. All these monitors are sure to add a spark to your gaming experience. With good response time and wide viewing angles – you will have an amazing experience. 


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