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All you need to know about riveting metro exodus and what does franchise hold?

Gaming is the most ultimate passion and the sincerity of this passion is having to explore anything and everything that comes forward as a challenge, which surely what games are for. To solve challenges that are presented within the game and having to explore all of its distant aspects as well. But today, we are going to talk about one of the most riveting and fulfilling game of the decade, well actually it is a series known as “Metro 2033″ is its first installment.

Metro Exodus: An introduction along with other facts

This is a post-apocalyptic, nuclear stricken and thwarted experience which you are in for, the game itself is based on the novels of the same name written by Russian novelist “Dmitry Glukhovsky” There are three basic entries to the novels and so to the gaming franchise as well developed by 4A games. But today we will be talking about the latest of these which is Metro exodus. Many reviewers and gaming blogs have already entitled this game as the best first-person, monster fighting, horror thriller with encompassing details and areas to explore but there are others who aren’t entirely moved by this new installment.

The main reason is that this game is imbalanced between extreme highs and lows at the same time, if not for the random glitches, a few overall lagging experience in controls or sucking of FPS out of your GPU the game could have been a hit and frankly a masterpiece.

Gameplay and background story

Metro exodus gameplay is the most fundamental aspect of the metro universe, it is thrilling, captivating and has the undeterred quality of having the player pinned to the screen until the very end. Metro exodus game features the main protagonist Artyom which is a mute in the game, the hero focuses on finding new sources or evidence of life outside of Moscow.

Though continually ridiculed by his superiors, Artyom continues to explore the surface where he is often met with monsters and other dark creatures being turned that way due to ramifications of the nuclear attack. He soon finds the dedicated evidence with his wife Anna that life exists outside of Moscow and is kept a secret from them by a group of activists having ties with Artyom’s superiors. Having found what he was looking for, Artyom sets off on a journey of exploring what’s left of the world after nuclear attacks. Metro is the underground network of tunnels where life in Moscow has been living off until it comes around the life outside of off Moscow, thus the word ‘Exodus’ depicting a mass departure of people.

Didn’t play the last games of Metro? Not a problem

Although if you haven’t played the previous games, you will be immersed with a separate sensation with Metro Exodus beachy the story isn’t connected much with the last installments. With the addition of Metro Exodus into the Metro series, the franchise has become much stronger and explicit with what novels and games are trying to address. 

Highs and Lows with Metro Exodus

This Metro exodus review solely focuses on the flaws with the Metro Exodus and what the future depicts for the franchise with which you are already caught up enough. Out of various highs that you would come around in this game are having the liberty to explore a far-fetched world consisting of various seasons including summer, winter, spring, and autumn. Other than these, whenever you come across a new chapter you will find yourself landing over a different region in a world trying to pursue what you originally set out for, finding a way to make life sustainable again and connecting with other people too. Maps, crafting, cleaning and use of other various skills are simply great, but storytelling is the true essence of this thrilling endeavor.

Final Verdict

The lows are somewhat extremely low, you will be experiencing a lot of glitches, decrease in the thrift of exploration or stuck on a mission due to stupid reasons i.e. not able to climb or get ahold of a special thing required to clear the chapter. But at the end of the day, the experience is vividly amazing and will keep you lingering for more games to come. The overall experience with the metro franchise is a feeling of being heartbroken, looking for a life beyond death and most importantly having to deal with consequences of men’s furious and raging nature.         


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