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Our Story

We Just started over a month ago, started with two gamers who were tired of buying costly gadgets so we became fascinated by the idea of getting free gears for gamer worldwide and at the same time making it economically viable, we really had no idea what we were building, or how things would turn out. Over the time, we've come to realize that this is a never-ending, forever-evolving journey.


Gamer For A Cause

When was the last time when you went out of your way to help someone knowing that you would receive no reward in return.Our passion goes deeper than just a ‘been there, done that’ attitude. We make a pledge to donate 50% of our earning every month to animal charities, it may not  be a big amount but we do believe every penny counts, even if we can make difference for one little life.Spread the word. The animals need us all. And all of us can help.

save_pets_now_dogLETS MAKE WORLD A BETTER PLACE!  


Our Social Impact Begins With You


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